Monday, April 17, 2006

The Five Minds of a Manager

Managers need to create the following balance mind sets to be successful.

  • Managing Self: The Reflective Mindset
  • Managing Organizations: The Analytic Mindset
  • managing context: The Worldly Mindset
  • Managing Relationships: The Collaboration Mindset
  • Managing Change: The Action Mindset
Each mindset has its positives in the area it's most suited and a person should nurture each of these in herself. Organization should see that their management is getting exposed to all these aspects in realizing the mindsets that's best suited for them to be effective. Many managers complain that their engineers do not think like managers. The reasons are clear the metrics and task centric view to goal setting as happens in most organizations is not a methodology to bring out the described mindsets. It needs an all-round development and devoting time for management improvement in a conscious manner to bring out the holistic management mindset.