Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why Puttaparthy is so calm?

I have been thinking of going to Puttaparthy for sometime now and didn't have the opportunity past one year. Finally, on Wednesday morning realising that it being a Ganesh Puja it made lots of sense to take my car out and drive down with my wife as a co-passenger. Prashanthi Nilayam the abode of peace is always a nice place to forget your worries and spend some time. Not long back Sri Sathya Sai Baba graced the place with his solemn presence. With his physical presence just not being there does not make the place desolate. But the feeling I got was people feel it that way. There was not much of traffic on the way. Again the morning prayer congregation was fairly small. I felt there was no urgency. Everyone was on there own pace. No hurry to rush for a glimpse of the Sathya Sai. It was a bit stunning as why should anything change if swamiji were there or not. This time it was setting your own life in your own pace. Feeling the calmness of the surrounding and most importantly thinking of your spiritual senses with no rush to accumulate the visual impression of swami during the visit.

If reality in Hinduism is to be believed presence of the Godhead is just situational. The very fact that we connect to our own spirituality is of utter importance. I am sure the trip helped me there more. I guess most people who go now may feel so.